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wait??? where did they go??

1 April
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ookay, my mini biography...isn't that just special??? all right my name is Jacob,
age:currently I'm 16,
[my alternate side] I like to be refered to as Shiruba Doragon which means silvver dragon... my form is mainly human but I bear wings and a tail similar to that of a dragons. the wings are a shiny blueish silver I am 5'10'' 160 lbs. Brown hair and normally medium brown eyes but my eyes change color from time to time between being a lighter brown darker brown, green and sometimes a weird shade of grey (and yes in real life my eye color changes like that on days and it's weird)

my personality is as I see it: I'm responsible to some degree, I'm also an intellect, when necessary I can defend myself very well or help others in need, I'm very indecisive on some things, I'm very lonely (why can't that special one come into my arms right now??? oh yeah... cause nobody loves me *cries*) I'm actually pretty easy to get along with as long as you're not a 1)total hipocrate and deny it(I can still be nice to those) 2) a gay football player who doesn't get the idea that I'm not interested *shivers* 3) people who are mean just because they think its fun 4) people who are closed minded and make fun of the way other people live their life just because they are ignorant and don't try to understand 5) communists!! (just kidding! cause then I should hate myself on account of #4!!) but I still try to be nice to them

**More about my real and boring life **
in real life I cannot do the transorming... darn!! but here's a little something about it
school status:I'm a straight A student (a junior now) that isn't
really majoring in 1 subject but I would like to major in either Computers, art, or math,
though I could do science and social studies, but let's face it... they're boring!!

Friends: I've got a few friends and some people I would like to be certain of our friend
status and I'm not really gonna put my friends up here

music: I like J-pop; Ayumi hamasaki and Utada hikaru for example, Aceof Base, Jewel, Lara
Fabian, Kansas, Evanescance
I can also play: viola, Violin, and piano

anyone interested please check out my fanfics on Fanfiction.net under bahamutslave and e-mail me and maybe we can be freinds

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Date Created:2004-07-23
Number of Posts: 15

bahamutslave is a follower of the dragons and bears a white wing and a black wing
Strengths: *knows too damn much about final fantasy except for 11 *by society's standardsd is an intellect, but knows society's standards are highly overrated *friendly to those who are friendly to them *willing to do anything he can for others if its in his boundaries
Weaknesses: *gets stuck doing things for lots of people at the same time *often times can't keep his mouth shut when dealing with dumbasses *not being in a good environment (financially) to help people out more *wings get really heavy at times and falls backwards
Special Skills: drawing, math, music, writing, and the ability to ANNOY YOU!!
Weapons: wings, rod, lance, shurikens... basically anything he can find is a dangerous weapon for him
Motto's: *life is a waste of time time is a waste of life so spend your life playing video games and have the time of your life* *the man who lives by the sword dies by the bitch with the gun

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